Redlands High School Class of 1968
50th Reunion News

At this time the RHS Class of 1968 Reunion Committee consists of:

Mary Adams Lafskey - schlepr @
Tom Atchley - tomtachley @
Faith Carter Michaelson - faithcm @
Joy Chambers - joy.chambers2 @
Peggy Fawcett Edwards – pegwards @
Lynda Creatura Schauf - trvlady @
Jerrie Eubanks Hurtado – pepsionly4me @
Katie Mueller Morningstar - katie.morningstar @
Norm Murray - sail2fun @
Bruce Serrao - bruce.serrao @
Jim Smith - smithjime @
Tim Scott Smith - tsmith111494 @
Diana Testa - diantatesta @

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You don't have to live in Redlands to help! Contact us if you are interested, or if you would just like to catch up on old times.



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