Redlands High School Class of 1968 40th Reunion

News Headlines from 1968

  • North Korea seizes "Pueblo" And Crew
  • Martin Luther King Assassinated In Memphis
  • Robert Kennedy's assassin Sirhan Sirhan Arrested
  • James Earl Ray Arrested in Murder OF Marten Luther King
  • Nixon Elected by Margin Of 500,000
  • Jackie Kennedy Weds Aristotle Onassis
  • 50,000 March In Capital For Poor People
  • Soviet Tanks Invade Defiant Prague
  • Huey Newton Found Guilty In Shooting

In The News

  • Viet Cong begin Tet offensive in Sigon
  • 1968 Civil Rights Act is passed
  • Actress Jane Mansfield dies
  • Wide ties are in
  • For Women rings on all fingers is the style
  • Dr. Benjamine Sock indited for his anti-draft advice
  • Bille Jean King wins third Wimbledon Title